The lists provided here are the minimum standard that will be accepted by the event organisers, Team Managers must ensure all the individuals within them are suitably equipped and trained to work in the conditions that are prevailing at the time of the event. Each team will be required to pass through an equipment inspection before being allowed to start the event. Teams deemed to be under equipped will not be allowed to start the event.

Issues occur every year where teams are not equipped with all the items listed below. All items listed must be carried by the team and presented at the kit check. In particular China Graph pencils are on on-going issue, teams entering the 2018 event must present all items or they will be refused entry into the event.

Individual Equipment   Group Equipment  
Warm outdoor clothes               (no jeans)   1 emergency mobile telephone (fully charged)  
Waterproof Jacket 1-2 Map OS sheets OL11 (Brighton & Hove) and OL10 (Arundel & Pulborough) - A4 or A3 laminates will not be accepted
Waterproof Trousers 1 map case
Gaiters (optional) 1 sleeping bag
Hat 2 compasses
Gloves 2 whistles
Torch (spare batteries & bulb) 2 survival bags
Water (at least 2 litres per person) 1 group shelter (optional)
Hi Vis Jacket - visible at all times First Aid kit*
  Thurmos flask & hot drink
  Chinagraph pencil
  Pens, pencils or perminent markers



* First Aid kit to include:

  • In date sterile dressing medium or large
  • In date plasters
  • Triangular bandage
  • Gloves
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