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There are three categories in the Charlton Chase: Premier, Standard and Novice. Each tier requires a greater level of fitness, navigational skill and team work ability to complete the challenge successfully. 

Standard Team Event    

The Standard Team event requires teams aged between15 and 18 to be competent navigators and problem solvers, working together as a team, to meet the challenges at all the Gateways across the course.   Teams will be required to walk at speeds of at least 4 kms an hour whilst navigating accurately and working together to complete the challenge in under 8 hours. Teams are awarded points for getting to their checkpoints and for completing the tasks en   route. The team with the highest score is declared the winner.

Novice Team Event        

The Novice Team event offers new teams the chance to experience the thrills and excitement of the Charlton Chase whilst under the supervision and guidance of a competent adult. The age range for teams in this event is 14 to 18. Novice teams are given the freedom to choose the checkpoints they visit although main gateways must be visited. The Novice event is not a competition and is meant as an introduction to the Standard or Premier event.

Event Information

The following links contain information for Teams and their Team Managers considering entering the event:


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